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The interior design and the ambiance of the place captured my attention and gained my appreciation.   Inside this place you cannot help but to notice various masks displayed on the side walls in an orderly and artistic manner.  As a whole, the place is romantically beautiful!  It is amusing to know  how  this place uses the yoyo whose two sides are colored red and green.  Instead of using it for playing they use it as signal for  continuous delivery of their 12 kinds of barbeques right in front of their customers.  As long as the yoyo is color red they will keep on serving you different kinds of BBQ which are meaty,  tender, hot, smelly and juicy.  Highly recommended for gluttons and meat-eaters like me hehe. Here you can eat to your  stomach and your heart’s content.

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Quick Facts:

Jimmy’s Bar and Grill Restaurant
#83 Timog Avenue, Barangay South Triangle
Quezon City

Marhlie V. Pasal
Operation Manager

(02) 9267505

Gimik with my Bro. Tony. This is the newest Gimikan with Live Band along the Timog Avenue. The best venue so far in this area. Bartenders and waiters are quite friendly and efficient in their service. Nice ambience. Lot of choices when it comes to drinks and foods. Here I find the cleanest comfort room in the world of gimikan. Best place for  gimik, night out and hangout  whether you are alone or with your barkada.

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