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Farewell Party of Fr. Fred Paulo.  Those who were able to come and to enjoy the celebration were: Fr. Jerry, Fr. Alex Jojo and Jiera. Have a safe and enjoyable trip to Las Vegas, the gaming capital of the world, Fr. Fred! Surely, we will miss you Don Pidoks and Beer Bugnaw hehe…


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Farewell Dinner of Fr. Alex and Bishop. With Most Rev. Dinualdo Gutierrez, D.D., the Bishop of the Diocese of Marbel, Sr. Rosanne, SPC of NASSA, Fr. Alex and Fr. Jerry. Kamayan is like the usual Take-All-You-Can and Eat-All-You-Want Restaurant. The only difference, however, is that it is cheap and always full of people Filipinos and Foreigners alike. Best for family gatherings and for big occasions. Belated happy birthday  greeting and special thanks to Sr. Rosanne SPC who hosted our dinner that night.

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