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I used to stroll at night for two reasons: first, to exercise without knowing it, and then to take some pictures of the city life at night. One night while strolling along Timog Avenue, I noticed there was an establishment there named Lugawan Republic. The term “lugaw” reminded me of many adventurous memories when I was still “younger one” (now “young once”) and studying Biochemistry in UST, Espana. Those days I had a passion for lugaw. To be more precise, goto. I even went as far as Caloocan just to eat their super delicious “goto full of laman loob” at night. I also risked eating goto outside Central Market where vehicles and peoples passed by. Their gotos were so delicious that I always forget the possibility and  risk of being held up or infected with Hepatitis hehe With my discovery of Lugawan Republic I have now a new place where I can eat different kinds of gotos I want. You know what’s my favorite is? The one with laman loob hehe. This place offers more than what the name of restaurant bears or means. Everything you need and miss either for hot or rainy season they have it and it’s cheaper.

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Quattro is not our original place of destination that night. Since one of our companions was not allowed to enter by the discriminating gimikan in Timog named “Off the Grill” we were forced to look for an alternative and welcoming place. You know what we discovered about Quattro? It is a place full of people particularly teenagers, full of fun, and the overall atmosphere was so lively. Waiters look a bit older yet they behave and act fast like teenagers, so accommodating, friendly and efficient in their service. The place has nice interior and lightings. You have many options too when it comes to foods, appetizers and drinks. What’s funny that night is that we used their beer mugs that can contain 3 bottles of beer and the realization that Tony, my older brother, and I were the only ones who belong to a totally different generation hehe. Indeed what happened to us that night was a blessing in disguise.

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Skyroom is located at the roofdeck of the Sogo Hotel, Quezon Avenue, QC. You have no other better option than to take the elevator to reach the 9th floor of this hotel. If you want to see the city lights, hear the traffic sounds, feel the blow of the urban air this is the right place for you. In addition to that, there is a live acoustic band with no entrance fee, nice bar, many waiters, open place and air-conditioned room for smokers and non-smokers alike, clean comfort room and even a special and discreet place for vomiting in case you get intoxicated to the max. Only in Skyroom, SOGO…hehe

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Gelato is Italian ice cream made from milk and sugar and combined with either fruit, chocolate or nuts. The ingredients are combined and stirred while frozen to create a more dense product.

Hot? Down and troubled? Lonely and empty? Gelato is the “food of happiness.” Be happy, and revitalize yourself, eat gelato!

If you come to this place, try and enjoy their gelato pistacio, langka and jubilee. I find them refreshing and satisfying. Thanks again for the treat, Ligaya, Mally and Luz!

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After sharing in the Sacred Banquet of the Lord in the Ossuary of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish,  in honor of the memory of our loved ones we proceeded to another “banquet” at UNO, Sct Fuentabella cor. and Tomas Morato Sts., Quezon City. This Restaurant has been known for its Italian and International cuisines.  These are what we ordered for our late yet sumptuous lunch:

  • Baked Eggplant with Mozarella
  • Seashells Pasta With Mixed Seafoods In A Saffron Tomato Cream Sauce
  • Flame Broiled US Choice Rib Eye Steak With A Reduced Red Wine

I couldn’t believed what my eyes have seen until I started eating my favorite steak. Oppps…this is not just an ordinary steak but Flame Broiled US Choice Rib Eye Steak With A Reduced Red Wine. And it costs P1200. When it was first and repeatedly offered to me I automatically refused to order it for the simple reason that to me the price seems to be scandalous and worst it wouldn’t be me who will pay it but other s who are kind hearted people hehe. Deep within me, however, there is that curiousity to taste and savor the  kind of steak and foods that the rich usually eat when they have their lunch or dinner outside. Indeed the saying is right, when you cannot decide for yourself, others will be the ones who make decision for you. This is what happened in my case. And in this case, I have no regrets but thankfulness and gratefulness.

A thousand thanks to Lig, Mally and Luz, my archangels without wings but with big, big heart and open hands hehe

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Quick Facts

Yakitori Dori Bar, Grill and Resto
CCP Complex
Asean Promenade, Pedro Bukaneg St., CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd.
Phone Number: (63 2) 521-54-51, (63 2) 521-6475, (63 2) 383-7755

If you happened to be in CCP Complex, look for a Japanese restaurant, bar and grill along the side of the Harbour Square – Yakitori Dori. This place is Known for its cheap Japanese foods, appetizers, beers, and  live band even on Sunday and, above all, for its beautiful scenery. On Thursday (October 22) it will celebrate its Fifth Anniversary. See you there hehe

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