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Capricciosa   P260

Sardinella Marinara  P300

Frutti Di Mare   P270

Genovese Con Gamberetti   P310

Lasagne Al Forno   P180

Spaghetti Aglio Olio E Pepperoncino   P 180

Lasagne Al Forno   P 180

Cannelloni Agli Spinaci   P 180

Roast Chicken   P 170

Birthday Celebration of Fr. Aris with his parish office employees and convent staffs on the day he arrived from Baguio. Providentially, on that day it was really the birthday of Ola. So what Ola did she brought Mon (husband) and Isay (only daughter) with her. Among the group only Dodo and Fr. Aris are truly familiar with Italian cuisine. So what happened when they were asked what to order? All of them made a guess. What was the result? All of them made the right guess.Everything they ordered suited even to their Filipino taste. This is just to show you how delicious and suited the Amici foods even for Filipinos who have no experience with Italian cuisine. I have been to various Italian restaurants for several times and I have found them relatively expensive for common people. But here the price is affordable. To date, this is so far the cheapest Italian restaurant in Metro Manila. Another observation: I also find their workers and servers efficient in their service, always smiling, young and lively, courteous, accommodating and friendly. Best place for all and big occasions

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