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Breakfast with Linda, Clem, and Dolly at Dulcinea, Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Churros con Chocolate here melts in your mouth! Probably their most famous selection. Try too their Chorizo con Arroz, Morcilla con Arroz, Tortilla Riojana, Cream Puff, and Sans Rival. Once you tried them, the urge to return there is irrestible. Of course, not only because of the food they serve but also because of the ambience. It encourages long meals and snacks – very, very opposite of the fast food feel. I have reasonable suspicion that its ambience makes the Dulcinea a great stop for breakfast and lunch meeting or even just to enjoy the presence of one another as we usually do when we go there.

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With kuya Tony, my politician and lawyer brother,  his former college students in NDMU who are now working in Makati: Ronan and Aileen, and Irza, a UP Grad Statistician also working in the same place. Being here I could not help myself but to reminisce my summer vacation in Spain with Lasallians. The name of the restaurant, the two heads of bulls displayed on the walls, the bar, the spanish foods and wines (no Spanish beer?) they are offering, the ambience and the  Spanish guitar instrumental that serves as a background while we were having our dinner with drinks will make you think and feel that you are  in Spain particularly in Seville. My brother too could not help himself but to speak in fluent Spanish to the servers. Unfortunately the servers could not reply in Spanish too hehehe. Some of the foods we ordered that night were: Rabo Estofado, Lengua Estofado and Choleton Segovia. Quite delicious particularly the Choleton Segovia. The next time I’ll go there, I’ll order cold mix Chorizo and Ox tail.

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